Friday, August 31, 2007

Physics libraries

In our project (OGE) we are in need of a physics library to add features such as collision, gravity, etc. We studied various available open-source libraries as our engine aims to be also open-source.

Until now our preference went to OPAL which gave a nice abstraction above ODE. It added nice features such as spaces. However the developers found that it at matured enough and don't want to add more features in it - they only do bug fixes now. To demonstrate the lack of interest even their wiki was down more than 2 months without any developers reacting (they didn't even knew about it before I send them an email).
So we began to search for another one because there are features we would like to add.

And we found a gem : Impulse (IBDS) it is very new, developed by a single person but very very promising. He is actively involved and adds new features nearly on a daily rate.
We discussed with him and seems interested in adding the features we seek: cloth, cloth+ collision, hair, breakable objects, ... Even liquid in the future.
It is cross-platform I had no problem in compiling it with mingw.

Wow... this is a lib I will follow.
Sorry OPAL you were are good pal.

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