Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama versus McCain

One point I don’t understand is why all the attention is focused on one guy (Obama or McCain).

A hundred year ago it was possible for the President to understand and study all the consequences of a law or decision he must make. Not anymore. The real persons that have the power are the “shadow men” - personal advisers, personal “friends”, high officials preparing reports, etc.

And as far as I could find the differences at this level between both camps is not very great - on some points one camp is better than the other and vice-versa.


What disturb me is that if McCain apply his economic plan it will be catastrophic for the budget. This time I am not sure that outside countries will continue to support the US economics by buying junk paper (aka reserve notes).

On the Obama side I really don’t like that he will be elected on lies. Nearly NONE of his promises can be implemented - the US don’t have the money anymore. Obama acknowledged it himself.

The argument that it is better to elect him as he will at least TRY to do as much of his promises as he can seems hollow for me. Making promises that you know can’t fulfill define in my dictionary a lier. And I don’t want a lier for president.

The only measure that must, can and that both promised to do it is to ameliorate the education system. If they don’t the USA will not survive in its present state in the next 20 years. Irrespective of which one is elected the result will be identical: total cleavage between have and have-not.

Granted. The best reason to elect Obama is the aura he has! The biggest asset of the USA is its capability to strife on enthusiasm and optimism - European are more inclined on pessimism (and if I am not mistaken Asian on pragmatism). Obama would give a welcome boost in USA image - but not much more IMO.