Tuesday, December 11, 2007

POCO and open-source

Recently I stumbled on POCO: A C++ Portable Components, or a collection of open source C++ class libraries. One word: wow. This library seems very well thought and having tried several libraries this one is the most promising.

Actually I am using mostly boost but I begin to be worried by the inconsistence between each sub libraries considering the api, the documentation and some over bloated code.
My principal need was a cross-platform threading libraries but boost::thread is lacking in some areas (no read-write mutex, difficulty to set thread specific code, ...). All those are present in POCO.

I will definitively switch to it if my tests are satisfactory and forget about boost. In fact I am even hoping that boost will not be used at all in the C++0x revision...

Marthen Mickos the MySQL CEO posted very interesting thoughts about how to succeed with an open-source project.
They needed 12 years... I will try to explain this to my wife:
"Darling! Let me work on my pet project... I will be rich in 12 years."
Somehow I have the feeling it will be difficult to convince her :)
MySQL needed 6 years to have a stable code so OGE has still 5 years to become stable.
Good - I am not as off track as I feared :D

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Andréas said...

Wow, I didn't heard about this Lib but it seems to be very powerfull and well documented!!

That's great!! For me, boost was a little bit "dark" with all this sub libs etc. So I prefer to not use it in my different projects but I'll look closely at POCO.

Good luck for OGE ;)

My project is really starting now so I guess I have 6 years :D!!!