Thursday, November 8, 2007

OGEd - Ogre/OGE editor

A week ago I began work on an oge/ogre editor.

As oge uses ogre resources such as .material, .mesh, etc this editor can also be used as a resources editor for Ogre3D.

Even after one week when the code is fairly minimal I already understand better the interdependences of the ogre resources and this will oblige me to make a small refactoring.

Discovering as you code new features or libraries complexities is one of the main reason that "linear project management" (aka Waterfall model : requirements -> analysis-> design -> coding -> testing -> installation) is possible only if you know extensively your environment. When dealing with a medium sized project or libraries you don't know in depth a "recursive project management" (aka Spiral model) is much preferable.

One book I must read is the second edition of Code Complete... one more TODO :)

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