Monday, March 16, 2009

Why ?

As I am living on my fortune right now I must begin to seek some sort of revenue. (A few thousands $ would cover most of my living expenses... any donor?)

During this guest a human nature characteristic struck me.
Which leads me to this existential question that puzzles me deeply actually:

Why is it that I have no difficulty to find proficient, capable and engaged coders & artists only willing to code for a FREE project but none for a commercial project?

Until now the coders and artists with whom I began to work on a commercial project did all quit at the first difficulty. Whereas on a free project they are willing to pass hours to tackle difficulties!

I fail to see the logic here.


Amir H. Fassihi said...

Nice post.
I believe what "Money" can do can never be compared even a bit to what "Love" can do.

Andréas said...

I've drop the idea of creating my own business cause I had no money and now I'm working in a game company as a developper but I'm looking for a new job. So if you're looking for someone motivate and if the distance is not a problem for you (I live in France), just email me ;).