Monday, October 20, 2008

Managing TODOs

My todo lists where becoming unmanageable.
So I began to search for one that was:

  • Simple (no need to install an apache server)
  • Has "popup" reminders or at least sound for important ones
  • Always on when I launch the computer
  • Importing & exporting in file (for backups :D )
  • and has extended functionalities in case I need them :)
As I always have a FireFox on I searched for a plugin that would do the trick and found: ReminderFox add-on ( )

Wow... how could I have lived without this.

The list of features is impressive. It can even do:
  • automatic synchronisation across multiple computers,
  • sync with PDA & SmartPhones or even online tools!
  • send emails to remind us to do something.
  • synchronise your datas via ftp to a remote location!
Now I just need to install it before I forget to do it...


Ralph said...

Hi Steven,

I use Things from Cultured Code for Mac ( ) Works great and syncs to Iphone.

Ralph said...

Forgot to say you can "follow" me on twitter under